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Main Meals

(Meat dishes can be cooked on or off the bone)

We cater for many unique requests. If you have something in mind which isn't on our list, just ask!

Lamb Dishes

Karahi Lamb
Hot and spicy lamb in sauce with tomatoes and onion, prepared in an Indian wok

Balti Lamb
Lamb cooked with a mixture of ground spices

Ra Ra Lamb
Bhuna lamb cooked in a mild yoghurt sauce, with fresh mint

Lamb Korma
Mild and creamy lamb or spicy authentic style korma

Lamb Jalferzi
Lamb cooked with tomatoes and onions in a spicy sauce with a beaten egg

Lamb Chops Masala
Marinated lamb chops cooked in ground masala

Acharai Gosht
Lamb cooked with lightly pickled ingredients

Palak Gosht
Spinach and lamb cooked together in a mild curry sauce

Aloo Handi Gosht
Lamb with sautéed potatoe in hot spices

Kofta Curry
Meat balls in a mild sauce

Karahi Kofta Kebabs
Mini kebabs cooked in spices and prepared in a traditional karahi

Kofta Palak
Lamb meat balls cooked with fresh spinach

Keema Curry
Minced lamb cooked in herbs and spices

Chicken Dishes

Karahi Chicken
Prepared in a traditional Indian wok, cooked with tomatoes and onions with fresh herbs and spices

Balti Chicken
Chicken cooked with a mixture of ground spices

Chicken Korma
Mild and creamy korma or authentic style korma

Chicken Jalfrezi
Tender succulent pieces of chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, and beaten egg

Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken tikka cooked in mild and creamy sauce

Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked in a butter sauce

Tawa Chicken Keema
Minced chicken cooked with herbs and spices

Chicken Achari
Tender chicken cooked with lightly pickled ingrediants

Methi Chicken
Chicken cooked with fresh methi (fenugreek) in a medium curry sauce

Seafood Dishes

Machi Masala
Sea bass, salmon, cod cooked in a style of your choice

Prawn Curry
King prawns, prawns cooked in a sauce of your choice


Lamb Pillau
Pillau rice cooked with lamb meat on the bone to give an authentic aroma

Chicken Pillau
Pillau rice cooked with chicken

Pillau Rice
Basmati rice, lightly coloured with spices

Boiled Rice
Plain rice


Mixed Vegetables
Assorted fresh garden vegetables cooked in medium spices

Mixed Vegetable Kofta
Minced vegetable balls served with a curry sauce

Mixed Vegetable Jalferezi
Mixed vegetables cooked with capsicums in a spicy sauce

Palak Paneer
Indian cheese cubes cooked in fresh spinach

Matter Paneer
Home made cheese cubes cooked in onions and tomatoes peas

Paneer Jalferezi
Indian cheese cubes cooked with mixed capsicums and baby corn in a spicy sauce

Chilli Paneer
Indian cheese cubes with fresh green chillies in hot and spicy curry sauce (Hot)

Baingan Masala
Fresh aubergine cooked with onions and spices

Aloo Baingan
Aubergines and potato curry

Baingan Bharta
Mashed aubergines in spicy masala

Saag Aloo
Fresh spinach with potatoes

Aloo Gobi
Potato with cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices

Bombay Aloo
Button mushrooms stir fried in fresh herbs and spices

Mushroom Masala
Potato with cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices

Channa Masala
Chick peas cooked with fresh ginger, herbs and spices

Tarka Daal- Lentils cooked with herbs and spices flavoured with garlic

Daal Makhni
Black lentils in rich, creamy butter sauce

Channa Daal
Split chickpeas in lentil curry